Sublingual NAD+ 12 bottles per Case

$780.00 $500.00



We have two cases with 12 bottles in each case.  Retail for each case is $780.00 and it is being massively reduced to $500.00.  That is a savings of $280.00 per case!!
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Avior uses EZ melt technology. EZ melt means the tablet dissolves in the mouth and is absorbed in the mouth bypassing the GI tract and the first-pass metabolism of the liver. This process allows the medication to have higher bioavailability and quicker absorption.

Our early experience has shown the Real NAD+product to be effective. Our patients report a positive sense of wellbeing and improved energy.   One dose of Real NAD+ is 300mg. By comparison, IV doses range from 500mg to 1500mg a day. I haven’t yet determined if we can just use the oral product for withdrawal or detox. When we do try, that the dose would end up being 6-8 tablets daily with an effective dose of 1200mg/day. I’m not sure how well a dose that high would be tolerated. So far the 300mg/day dose is well tolerated with no reported issues.


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