NMN Powder 10 grams



Bulk NMN ( Nicotinamide MonoNucleotide ) powder that can be used under the tongue.  There are no published human trials that NMN raises or does not raise NAD+ in the body including oral or sublingual administration.  There is substantial work that has been done and is being done to determine the benefits of keeping NAD levels at optimal levels.  In mice, NMN has been shown to raise NAD levels and optimized NAD levels have been shown to have many positive health benefits.

The NMM powder we sell could be used sublingually, swallowed with a liquid, mixed with yogurt or something similar, or put into capsules and ingested orally.  We do not know which way is optimal but there are many anecdotal accounts of positive health benefits using NMN in each of these ways.


Here is a more in-depth resource to consider.

SelfHacked.com does a great job of providing a ton of excellent information on NMN.


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