About Us

My experience with NAD+ changed my life in profound ways and is a large part of why IVNADS exists.
I was extremely skeptical when I first heard about NAD+. The reason I was first intrigued by the effects of NAD came after I was recovering from several intestinal surgeries. The remedy for most post-surgical pain is opiates. I was placed on 10 mg of Hydrocodone 6-8 times per day. This was an enormous amount of narcotics for someone who was not familiar with the effects and "high" users report from taking narcotics of this nature. 

The duration of opiate use was almost two years before I finally decided enough was enough. Thinking I could just stop was the biggest mistake I ever made. I was violently ill for two days until I could not take the withdrawals anymore. My doctor recommended I go on Suboxone ( another opiate). I stayed on this for another year. Finally, I asked her to take me off and she refused. She claimed that I needed to be on this for another year before she would consider letting me come off. So I eagerly searched for a solution, then I found NAD+. 

I went to a local clinic in Illinois near my home and scheduled a 10-day infusion for $6,000. By day 3, I was already symptom-free and no withdrawals. By day 8, I was a completely different person. NAD helped me regain control of all aspects of my life. 

In the time following my first NAD infusion, I got married, finished my BS in Computer Science, Masters and Ph.D. That was 2 years ago. Imagine that!! 

By no means is NAD a miracle cure but I would say it is the closest thing. My new goal is to help others experience what I have. If you have your own NAD story please share it with us. We can all work together to help one another achieve optimal health and wellness.